Sculptures of Melbourne cover

Book Talk

Sculptures of Melbourne
7.30 pm, Thursday 10th September
Brunswick Library
In his book, Sculptures of Melbourne, Mark Holsworth explores major changes in the nature of public sculpture. Whilst discussing the shifting trends, Mark will take you on a visual journey through some of the styles, materials and locations of a selection of sculptures that are on public display throughout the city.
Register online: or phone 9389 8600
Paul Montford, Adam Lindsay Gordon, 1931

Paul Montford, Adam Lindsay Gordon, 1931

City Sculpture Walking Tour

Book your own public art walking tour with Mark Holsworth, author of Sculptures of Melbourne. Public sculpture in Melbourne has changed dramatically, not only in style but in materials, locations and numbers. Public sculpture both decorates and tells the history of the city. See a selection of sculptures from 18th to the 21st century, from the historic to the comic, from memorials to the play sculpture. Learn about the sculptures, the sculptors who made them and the people of Melbourne who live with the sculptures.

Duration 2 hours

Adult $25 Child $10 (Children under 8 free)

Enquiries for groups 4+ and from school groups welcomed.

email  melbourneartcritic at


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