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I welcome invites to exhibitions, but I can’t promise to attend or write about it. If I do write about it, expect me to write my own opinion of it, this is a website of review and criticism. Please check that it is relevant by reading some of my earlier posts: exhibitions and events outside Melbourne are not relevant.

This blog is not a way to publicize exhibition or send traffic to your website. (See my post An Independent Critic.)


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4 responses to “Contact

  • Janet Burchill

    Many thanks for your illuminating posts on the background and motivation behind the ludicrous Linden raid.

    • Mark Holsworth

      Your welcome. Trying to do what I can – it is a shame that the mainstream media can’t.

  • Lauren Findlay

    Your article on Paul Yore’s charges and the political agendas surrounding the raid at Linden, is amazing. This affirms my suspicions that there was more at play. It’s so good to see support coming his way!

    These charges are unjust to say the least, and comparing him to predators and monsters is making a total mockery of the laws. These political shenanigans are a dangerous game and I am glad that articles are being published that shows it for what it really is: a horrible game.

    So a thank you is in order. I am without words – I cannot express enough how glad I am that you posted this.

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